5 Desserts Recipes with Banana

Drew Glover • March 17, 2015
Cakes, pies, cookies, and more satisfy your sweet tooth with delicious recipes from chefs around the world!Banana Chocolate Cupcakes
1. Banana Chocolate Cupcakes
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It is hard to beat the combination of bananas and chocolate. While I enjoy bananas flavored with ground cinnamon in a banana bread, my favorite banana dessert is these Banana Chocolate Cupcakes where mashed ripe bananas are mixed in a batter along with cocoa powder. Their flavor is rich and their texture is moist and when you top each cupcake with a creamy smooth Chocolate Fudge Frosting my sweet tooth is instantly satisfied.
2. How to Make Banana Bread From Scratch
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Simple and delicious recipe that your family and friends will love.
3. Tasty Bananas Foster over Homemade Crêpes
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Want to learn how to flambé bananas in rum and brown sugar for a delicious dessert, served warm with homemade crepes and chocolate ice cream? This Grokker Premium video shows you a recipe for Banana crepes. A modern twist on this traditional New Orleans favorite that will have your guests clamoring for more.
4. Easy Homemade Whipped Cream
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Yes, it's easy to pick up whipped cream at the store...but this is seriously one of the fastest things you could ever make from scratch and the fresh kind is really SO much better! It's only 3 simple ingredients and you will LOVE the delicious, creamy results. It's great on it's own...or you could use it to top a chocolate Kahlua ice cream sundae - heaven in a bowl!
5. Banana Cream Pie
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Banana Cream Pie is all about crisp pastry, creamy filling, loads of bananas, all covered with swirls of whipped cream. Very appealing, very comforting, and very tasty. It is what I would call an 'All American' type of pie, the one you always see in diners, family restaurants, and bakeries. Only now, with this recipe, you can starting making it at home.
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