Reiko Hashimoto
Reiko Hashimoto, Level 1
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Reiko HashimotoJapanese Chef and Cookery Instructor - London, UKPersonal MissionTaking pleasure from seeing my students take Japanese cookery to heart and incorporate it in their day-to-day livesUnique SpecialtyDemystifying the art of Japanese cooking, making it accessible for first time cooks. Website
Reiko was born in Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan and quite possibly the country's culinary capital. She grew up in a traditional Japanese family with a food-fanatic mother who shaped her love of fresh Japanese cooking. When Reiko moved to London she set up the award winning €HASHI€ to cater for Japanese dinner parties. From the off, Reiko was pestered by clients who wanted to learn her style of Japanese cooking so she relented and decided to help them out and teach Japanese cooking. For over 20 years now, Reiko has taught more than thousands of people the joy of Japanese cooking, coaching them from beginners to cordon bleu-level chefs and she is sharing her tips and techniques here. She has published three cookbooks with the leading publisher over the 20 years of her teaching career.READ FULL BIO
British Cookery School Awards Finalist, 2012
Hashi - A Japanese Cookery Course Author – 2011
Cook Japan Author – 2017
Japan: The World Vegetarian Author - 2021