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8 Mediterranean Recipes with Olive Oil

Drew Glover • March 17, 2015
The Greek Gyro, Lebanese Kibbet Batata, Baklava - Mediterranean food is as diverse as the Mediterranean Sea itself, but wherever you find your next Mediterranean fix, you'll be guaranteed a rich, yet healthy meal, fresh, sun-kissed ingredients, and food for the whole family! Bring the flavors of the Mediterranean into your home, right here!BBQ Lamb Kebabs
1. BBQ Lamb Kebabs
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This tender lamb souvlaki recipe starts with the lamb marinade of lemon, cumin and oregano, then cooked on a BBQ and served in warm pita bread alongside a roast garlic and mustard aioli this is tasty tucker. Perfect for sharing with friends and easy on the washing up. Why wouldn’t you want this?!
2. Hummus Made Easy
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This is a very easy recipe for a basic Hummus that we just love! It is great as a dip or spread. Serve with some crakers, pita bread or pita chips or just replace it with butter on toasts! You just can’t go wrong with this.
3. Lamb Tzatziki Burger
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Take a break from your beef burger routine with this zesty lamb creation.
4. Easy Greek Lamb Wraps
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It’s all about the heavily seasoned lamb and cool cucumber sauce that makes this wrap so divine. (homemade cucumber sauce recipe coming up because I really didn’t like the store-bought one)
5. How To Make Greek Classic Tzatziki
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How to make one of my absolute favorite dips. Tzatziki goes great with so many different foods. It's a very simple recipe and the flavor is much fresher than the store bought dips. Give it a go!
6. Mediterranean Pasta Salad
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A simple, healthy, and soon to be your favorite recipe that has been handed down generations! Try this Mediterranean healthy salad and enjoy the music!
7. How To Roast Lamb (Mediterranean Style)
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Mediterranean Roast Lamb: this recipe for Mediterranean roast lamb is delicious, simple to cook and ready in just over two hours. We've used a 1.8kg leg of lamb, in this roast lamb recipe which should serve 4-6 people.
8. Easy Healthy Mediterranean Greek Salad
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Want a delicious salad that has a Mediterranean flavor? Follow this simple and easy recipe for a great Greek salad.
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