June 17, 2020

If I quiet the mind, I'm I stopping it from doing it's job?

James Harris, Level 17
James Harris
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Responses (4)
Margaret K, Level 81
Margaret K206 points
June 19, 2020

It is always a good idea to take some time to quiet the mind and switch off from the busyness of todays world. Please find two meditation programs that will help you do this and give you a chance to recharge and take time for yourself.

Vasanth Jeyaraj, Level 1
Vasanth Jeyaraj0 points
October 12

Are you different from your mind? An action to quiet the mind in itself is a thought process trying to control the mind (collection of all experiences and thoughts), hence it would always fails. To observe your mind as it is without any desire to control or condemn or conflict with it is the highest form of observing it.

tlc tlc, Level 80
tlc tlc74 points
Ennis Ibarra, Level 1
Ennis Ibarra0 points
July 15, 2020

It is not needed. You can't, there is a purpose in your mind to reveal what it wants you to acknowledge. The trick is to let it flow without limits so you learn about it. Once you let it be, your true self will be revealed. Meditation, wellness, however, you want to call it.

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