June 15

What would be the best ones for after a workout for sleeping I get finished with my workout at about 10 and then would like to do a yoga class just wondering opinions?

Brooke Bledsoe
Brooke Bledsoe
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Responses (2)
Sweet Demise
Sweet Demise29 points
June 26

Hi Brooke Bledsoe - Although the videos attached are not particularly yoga, they definitely help calm the mind and relax the body. I absolutely love them!

Thumbnail image for Progressive Relaxation 1
Andrew Johnson
Thumbnail image for Diaphragmatic Breathing 1
Andrew Johnson
Sami Oliva
Sami Oliva4 points
June 17

Grokker expert Celest Pereira has a great yoga series for this called "Evening Yoga with Celest". Another great series is "Yoga for Stress Reduction". I hope this helps!

Thumbnail image for Bedtime Yoga
Celest Pereira
Thumbnail image for Gentle Evening Yoga
Celest Pereira
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