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Gentle Stretches For Bed

Natasha Kerry, Level 18
Natasha Kerry
In this session Natasha will guide you through a deeper physical practice that will allow you to release storied tension in the body. She will demonstrate 3 simple, restorative poses which you can hold for up to 5 minutes each in order to calm the nervous system, lower stress levels and prepare the body for a restorative restful sleep.


To prepare for this session grab a few cushions or pillows from your bed and make sure you have enough space on the floor to lie down comfortably and a little space either side of you for the range of postures we will do.

Key Postures:

Lying down position to release the hips and lower spine
1. Come to lie down on your back.
2. Hug your knees into your chest and rest here in stillness in this first pose.
3. Take three releasing breaths.
4. Relax here for 2-5 minutes

A twist for your torso that you practice lying down
1. Bring both knees to the right side and stack the knees one on top of the other.
2. Slide your knees up towards your chest to bring a deeper stretch to the back of the hips and left glute.
3. Relax here for around 2 minutes
4. Move to the opposite side. With both knees on top of one another send the knees to the left side.
5. Relax here for another 2 minutes

A hip opener that you can practice either lying down or a deeper version on your front
1. Remain lying down, bend both knees to place your feet on the ground and bend the right knee as you take the knee wide.
2. Place your right ankle on the left knee and allow your arms to be long and relaxed by your sides.
3. To take it further, bend the left leg in towards you and grab hold of the back of the thigh or even in front of your shin.
4. Stay here for up to 5 minutes

Gentle Stretches For Bed
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