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Stretches To Sleep Better

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Natasha Kerry
In order for us to feel relaxed in the evening, it is important that we have a way to release stored tension in the body. In this session Natasha will guide you through specific postures and poses that will induce a relaxed state by settling the nervous system, slowing our heart rate down and calming the mind in preparation for sleep. This practice is best practiced early evening or just before bed so as to make use of the full benefit of calming your nervous system.


To prepare for your session, find a quiet room with a small amount of clear wall space or alternatively a chair.

Key Postures:

Elevate your legs (Inversion)
1. Swivel your legs up a wall as you rest on your forearms. Lower down to lie on your back slowly, making sure your body is close to the wall.
2. The legs go straight up the wall creating an inversion effect.
3. Stay in this position for at least five minutes to feel the full effect of slowing the mind and calming the nervous system.

Flex the legs towards the torso
1. Come to your hands and knees and take the knees wide. Sink the glutes back towards your heels and reach your arms forward.
2. Have your knees as wide as feels good and let the whole body sink into stillness and muscular softness.
3. Practice this pose for between two to five minutes, depending on the sensations you feel in your knees, thighs and spine. You can always start at 2 minutes and work up to longer.

Hip Opener (lying down)
1. Lie down on your back and place your feet together and widen your knees so they relax down sideways. This creates a diamond shape with your legs and brings a stretch to the hip flexors.
2. Practice this pose lying on-top of your bed or on the floor and after about two to five minutes, slowly and purposefully move your hands to the side of the legs and help your legs to move together.

Stretches To Sleep Better
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