Recipes with Milk and Yogurt

Drew Glover • October 24, 2016
How To Make Milk Kefir 101
1. How To Make Milk Kefir 101
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Kefir is an ancient fermented beverage made from milk. It is similar to a drinkable yoghurt but has a number of health benefits. Adding Kefir to your diet can boost your immune system as it benefits from over 60 different strains of beneficial probiotics and yeast. Enjoy learning how to make your own Kefir at home using traditional kefir grains.
2. Quick Indian Yogurt Dip, Dessert, and Smoothie
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3. How to Make Beet Pancakes for Kids
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In this video, learn how to make these amazing fluffy pancakes for your children.
4. Apple Popover Pancake
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Coming up with a great breakfast or brunch dish can be a challenge. One dish that doesn't get a lot of attention these days is an Apple Popover (often called an Apple Pancake). Although we normally think of popovers as muffin-sized, for this Apple Popover we are going to make one large billowing popover combining a pancake- or yorkshire pudding-like batter with slices of cinnamon sugared apples. Because it is baked in a hot oven the outside becomes wonderfully crisp and golden brown, yet inside it has a soft moist interior that is oh so light and tasty.
5. Indian Vegetarian Korma
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Vegetable Korma is a very mild yet flavorful Mughlai dish. Korma is traditionally meat or vegetables cooked with onions in a creamy yogurt sauce. Try this recipe for a healthy version of the well known favorite.
6. Fruity French Toast
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Does breakfast get any better than this? This sweetened eggy bread is fried in butter to go crispy and golden on the outside and remain sweet and gooey inside. Serving this with some fresh berries, orange segments and a dollop of natural yogurt makes it a favorite breakfast or brunch recipe for the whole family.
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