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Doc Ward, Level 7
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Doc WardOwner, All Things to All Men Spectrum Services - Santa Rosa, CAPersonal MissionTo teach what I know, learn what I don't, and have as much fun as possible along the way.Unique SpecialtySmoking meats and experimenting with the many flavor combinations of dry rubs.Other PassionsDrumming for several bands, wood carving and art.
At the age of 15, after turning down the offer of a fast food restaurant "university" (that shall remain nameless), Doc accepted a pantry position at a high end restaurant. He simultaneously took on a position with a catering company, wanting to absorb as much knowledge as possible. Working both jobs at the same time allowed Doc to become encompassed by the cooking and grilling world. Under the guidance of many fine chefs, he learned the technique and power of the grill and sauté stations. He has been cooking for 25 years and still feels that there is plenty to learn, and plenty to share. READ FULL BIO
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