May 9

Best low calories snacks

Allan Rodas, Level 1
Allan Rodas
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Jim (IT Security) Powell, Level 24
Jim (IT Security) Powell3 points
June 3

For me, it's fruit. Eat about a fist-size serving for 80-120 calories in most cases... Don't buy into the hype that fruit contains sugar and therefore bad... You are way better off eating fruit than most other snacks. Plus, it's a more sustainable plan for a long-term healthy lifestyle... It's easy to buy and keep around (for most), it requires no prep time, and you can take it with you if you're on the move. Get your body and mind used to grabbing fruit when you need something in between meals, and you'll end up avoiding a lot of other very unhealthy snacks.

tlc tlc, Level 56
tlc tlc52 points
tlc tlc, Level 56
tlc tlc52 points

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