4 Farm To Table Recipes for Chefs

Drew Glover • March 17, 2015
Ripe off the vine, locally-sourced, warmed by the sun: this is fresh. Farm to table: this is eating.Rigatoni with Pesto
1. Rigatoni with Pesto
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This pesto pasta has bright flavors with a hearty finish. The homemade pesto gives a very fresh spin to this classic dish. Enjoy!
2. Ratatouille
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This nostalgic dish reminds us of summer with it's seasonal vegetables and bright flavors. It's a healthy meal great for any family meal. Enjoy!
3. Farm-Fresh California Produce with Alex Ong
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With the bright sun shining down and fresh air out in the farm, why not have a beautiful walk with Executive Chef Alex Ong? At a local California farm Alex shares some knowledge about fresh and amazing produce that is picked from the farm and used for his Grokker Premium cooking videos.
4. Crispy Fried Okra over Heirloom Tomatoes
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Renowned Chef of Betelnut Restaurant in San Francisco shares his love of an otherwise neglected vegetable, Okra. In this inspiring yet simple Grokker Premium video for Crispy Okra with an Heirloom Tomato salad, thin strips of fried okra are served atop a seasonal salad of green zebra and san marzano tomatoes. The combination makes for a delicious, light, and quick dish that you and your guests will love. With some garam masala seasoning, sea salt, and a touch of lime, this dish will have you wondering why okra doesn't always taste this delicious. Follow Chef and Owner Alex Ong as he shares his farm to table recipes.
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