Red Pepper Flakes/Cayenne

Recipes with Red Pepper Flakes/Cayenne and Rosemary

Drew Glover • June 3, 2015
1. Ratatouille
This nostalgic dish reminds us of summer with it's seasonal vegetables and bright flavors. It's a healthy meal great for any family meal. Enjoy!
2. Persian Feta Cheese
Persian Feta Cheese
A delicious imposter. It might be surprising to most but Persian feta is not from Persia. It is an Australian cheese recipe that takes dried herbs, and extra virgin olive oil to marinate and mellow feta cheese. Chef Instructor Laura Lee shows how super easy and delicious this marinated cheese can be in this Grokker Premium video.
3. How To Braise Lamb Shanks
How To Braise Lamb Shanks
This warm slow braised Lamb shanks has a sweet vegetable reduced sauce that is perfect for a cold rainy day.
4. Vegetables Tajine Berber Style
Vegetables Tajine Berber Style
How to make the famous vegetables tajine Berber style, like the one you would eat in the Atlas mountains. simply heavenly.
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