August 17, 2021

could you [lease suggest the effective intermediate/advanced yoga trainings for weight loss and maintain tonned body ?

Varikuti Syamala, Level 37
Varikuti Syamala
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tlc tlc, Level 64
tlc tlc59 points
May 10

Hello - I apologize that I didn't bring this fantastic Grokker program to your attention earlier:
7-Day Total-Body Reboot with Laura Burkhart and Jaime McFaden
(The reason this program wasn't on my radar screen earlier is that my own yoga practice wasn't advanced enough yet. Now I can finally do this level of yoga, and I enjoyed this immensely!)
I hope you love it! Also, I am including a link to a yoga video with dumbbells. Mixing yoga with fitness is not true/pure yoga, but it certainly maintains a toned body! Best wishes!

Thumbnail image for Iron Yoga
Iron Yoga
Bryan Jones
24 I Did This
Thumbnail image for Total Body Reboot
Laura Burkhart, Level 9
Thumbnail image for Calorie Burning Workout
Calorie Burning Workout
Duncan Yoga
93 I Did This
tlc tlc, Level 64
tlc tlc59 points
November 15, 2021
link to updated collection above - best wishes!

Thanked by Varikuti
Sweet Demise, Level 72
Sweet Demise30 points
August 22, 2021

Hi Varikuti Syamala - You can give Emilie Perz's Collection "Fit & Aligned" a try. They're pretty good and can help aid in toning the body.

I'm also including a few others by other instructors that I think can be challenging practices as well. Hope you'll enjoy them!

Thumbnail image for Nonstop Flow
Beth Stuart, Level 5
Thumbnail image for Soulful Sweat
Rebecca Snowball, Level 6
Thumbnail image for Yoga + Barre Sculpt
Brett Larkin, Level 5
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tlc tlc, Level 64
tlc tlc59 points
August 17, 2021

Maybe you might find something you like here - Best wishes and good luck! :)

Yoga with KINO MACGREGOR (The last five videos in this collection are Grokker premium videos.)



Yoga with ADRIENE MISHLER (The first four videos in this collection are for weight loss.)

Flow Yoga: Intermediate-Advanced

Flow Yoga: Beginner-Intermediate

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tlc tlc, Level 64
tlc tlc59 points
Thanked by Varikuti

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