November 24

I am 72 years and am wondering if their is yoga videos for my age group that takes into consideration joints that are easily stressed.

Tom Rowan, Level 55
Tom Rowan
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tlc tlc, Level 80
tlc tlc74 points
tlc tlc, Level 80
tlc tlc74 points
November 25

Congratulations on your enthusiasm for yoga! You might enjoy the following two Grokker programs:
Yoga for 50+ with Sherry Zac Morris
Yoga for Kids with Jodi Komitor (I'm serious, no kidding - This is terrific yoga for mature adults!)

You might also find something you enjoy in the following collections:
Pranayama & Chair/Office Yoga
Gentle/Restorative/Yin Yoga
Mobility, Recovery, Physical Therapy:
Qigong and Taoflow:
Flow Yoga: Beginner-Intermediate
Yoga with Celest Pereira and Siri Peterson Cavanna
Yoga with Adriene Mishler:

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Amy Rogg, Level 10
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3-Minute Joint Mobility Warm Up
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