10 Artisanal Recipes with Milk

Drew Glover • March 17, 2015
Learn how to bake your own bread, how to make cheese at home, and other artisanal food skills.Persimmon Bread Pudding
1. Persimmon Bread Pudding
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Chef Jason Hill shares his favorite persimmon bread pudding recipe in this episode of "Chef Tips." This fall dessert recipe is a great way to use up fresh persimmons, and is easily adaptable to use with other ingredients.
2. Black Sesame Ice Cream
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Creamy ice cream with nuggets of crushed sesame praline. Learn the basics of ice cream making and take it to the next level with black sesame. This dessert is delicately balanced and will add an interesting twist to your dinner party. Join Reiko Hashimoto in this Grokker Premium video as she shows the tips and tricks to perfect this unique ice cream.
3. Pistachio Ice Cream recipe
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Delicious, simple, and refreshing ice cream recipe for your hot days.
4. How to Make Filipino Pandesal Dinner Rolls
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Learn how to make these fluffy and delicious Filipino dinner rolls.
5. Homemade Feta Cheese
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Store bought feta cheese can be overwhelmingly salty. If you want to control the amount of saltiness and at the same time make creamy and rich feta this Grokker Premium video is perfect for you. Chef Instructor Laura Lee shares her favorite cheese recipes made from goat's milk.
6. Persian Feta Cheese
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A delicious imposter. It might be surprising to most but Persian feta is not from Persia. It is an Australian cheese recipe that takes dried herbs, and extra virgin olive oil to marinate and mellow feta cheese. Chef Instructor Laura Lee shows how super easy and delicious this marinated cheese can be in this Grokker Premium video.
7. Homemade Chèvre Cheese from Goats Milk
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This smooth, creamy, and spreadable cheese will amaze your party guests. Flavored with pink peppercorns and chives, and served with crusty baguette or your favorite crackers, this showcase appetizer is worth the effort. Join Cheese Expert & Culinary Instructor Laura Lee as shares her expertise on making Chèvre cheese in this Grokker Premium video.
8. Homemade Wine Country Tomme Cheese
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This slightly aged cow's milk cheese is soaked in red wine resulting in a beautiful purple hue on the exterior. It has a crumbly texture with a pure white cheese center. If you're looking for a homemade cheese with a touch of the exotic, this is the one to try! Chef and Cheese expert Laura Lee shows how fun it is to make your own cheese in this Grokker Premium video.
9. Make Your Own Blue Cheese
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Super luscious with a creamy texture and distinct bite, this Blue Cheese is one of Cheese Expert Laura Lee's favorites. In this Grokker premium video she guides you through the steps to making this perfect blue cheese.
10. Homemade Cabécou - Marinated Goat Cheese
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Hot or cold this delicious cheese is perfect for salads, crusty breads, or served on crackers! Cabecou is a marinated Goat Cheese made from Chevre and in this Grokker Premium video Chef Instructor Laura Lee shows you how to dress it up in a variety of ways to impress the most sophisticated cheese connoisseur. You can use store bought Chevre or to learn to make fresh homemade Chevre, watch Chef Laura's Lactic Cheese video first.
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