3 Artisanal Recipes with Parsley

Drew Glover • March 17, 2015
Learn how to bake your own bread, how to make cheese at home, and other artisanal food skills.Cheesy Garlic Bread Recipe
1. Cheesy Garlic Bread Recipe
Cheesy Garlic Bread Recipe
Delicious bread made with Ciabatta bread, garlic, parsley, mozzarella, and Parmiggiano Reggiano. Perfect complement to any dish or great to serve on their own.
2. Garlic Parmesan Dinner Rolls
Garlic Parmesan Dinner Rolls
Let me start by saying that these garlic Parmesan dinner rolls were really great – crusty and cheesy on the outside, tender and garlicky inside, and visually gorgeous. Ironically, it’s that last adjective that may cause problems. These looks so inviting, so tasty, and so beautiful that it’s almost impossible not to be let down when you bite into one of these and realize it’s just a dinner roll. It’s a great dinner roll, a special dinner roll, but a dinner roll nonetheless.
3. Goat Cheese, Beetroot and Walnut Salad
Goat Cheese, Beetroot and Walnut Salad
Nutty, fresh and warming. This elegant salad is a feast for your eyes and a treat for the tummy. Enjoy the wondrous combination of orange and goat cheese as chef Mark Rigby shows you how to recreate this dinner party dish with ease.
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