August 31

Please share best yoga tips

Deepak Kumar, Level 1
Deepak Kumar
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tlc tlc, Level 64
tlc tlc59 points
August 31

Welcome! Here are tips from an advanced beginner who has loved yoga since I started twenty months ago.
(1) Yoga is about much more than asana (poses); it is about breathing, kindness, meditation and more. If you read only one text, try the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.
(2) There are many different types of yoga asana practices taught today. The types taught in the United States (and on Grokker) are heavily inspired by - but different from - those taught in India decades ago. Be adventurous and sample different types of yoga asana. You may find that you enjoy athletic vinyasa flow yoga, or you might prefer calming restorative yoga.

tlc tlc, Level 64
tlc tlc59 points
August 31

(3) If you would like to start a yoga asana practice using Grokker's premium videos, I would recommend the following progression:
(a) Do Siri Peterson Cavanna's "Yoga for Beginners" program first:
(b) Do Celest Pereira's "Three Steps to Yoga" program second:
(c) With those two programs under your belt, you will have enough knowledge to choose your next path. Click on any Grokker program marked "beginner" and enjoy. Listen to your body, and progress at the pace that feels right for you. Best wishes!

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