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10 Kickboxing Cardio Workout Videos to Work Your Full Body

Edward Massey • March 17, 2015
Jump in the ring, burn 1000 calories, and kick your body into shape. Build your skills and endurance for your next fighting event or the fight of your life. You won't know what hit you.Total Kickboxing Abs HIIT Workout
1. 45 Min. Total Kickboxing Abs HIIT Workout | Kick HIIT 45 Day 02
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Get your guard up, tuck your chin, and get ready to build some serious abs!! In this 45 minute action packed cardio kickboxing workout, we're going to really focus on that core. We're going to work those abs with an intense cardio kickboxing abs workout, then we'll hit the mat for some hardcore abs work. Let's work those abs. [Est. Calories Burned: 237-612]
2. 1000 Calorie Kickboxing Workout - 90 Min Extreme HIIT Workout
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I hope you're ready to kick lots of butt because this INSANE 1,000 calorie kickboxing HIIT workout is designed to kick your butt right into shape. We're going to be throwing hundreds of kicks, punches, knees, and even elbows. Put up your "dukes", never let your guard, and get ready to give this workout everything you've got. [Est. Calories Burned: 472-1219]
3. 35 Min. Full-Body Max Cardio Kickboxing Workout | Kick HIIT Day 05
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MAX Cardio Kickboxing is all about cardio endurance and strength. Prepare to soar through this explosive and challenging cardio HIIT workout session that features plenty of fun kickboxing exercises. You're definitely going to sweat this time around! [Est. Calories Burned: 239-429]
4. 35 Min. Full-Body Arms Focus Kickboxing Workout | Kick HIIT Day 04
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Upper Focus HIIT is a killer full-body workout designed to target and tone your upper body. We're still going to focus on HIIT cardio and legs but we're going to pay special attention to our chests, brachs, shoulders, tris, and even bis (synergistically). If you're looking for a full-body Kickboxing HIIT workout that doesn't neglect arm work - this is it!!! [Est. Calories Burned: 239-429]
5. 36 Min. Cardio Kickboxing for Six-Pack Abs Workout | Kick HIIT Day 03
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Kick HIIT Day 3 is all about building strong and sleek abs. We're going to spend half of this workout doing HIIT Kickboxing moves that focus on our abs and the other half on our mats to get the most out of this six-pack building workout. Ready to work on those abs? Let's get started!!! [Est. Calories Burned: 239-429]
6. 35 Min. Full-Body Lower Focus Kickboxing Workout | Kick HIIT Day 02
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Kick HIIT Day 2 is a total body "butt-kicking" kickboxing HIIT workout that pays special attention to our legs and abs. Let's get ready to throw plenty of punches and kicks as we hop, sprint, and fly in this intense cardio centered kickboxing workout routine. [Est. Calories Burned: 239-429]
7. Boxing Home Workout #4
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This follow along workout will not only help you burn loads of calories, but it will also teach you loads of important boxing skills. Practice punch variations with a virtual pad work segment, and test your reactions in the virtual sparring session.
8. Cardio Kick & Burn Kickboxing Workout
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Kickboxing can be one of the fastest ways to burn massive calories, so the title of this one makes it pretty clear what you're in for. Kick it & burn it with Dana Lee's 45-minute cardio kickboxing workout. No equipment is needed, it's all body weight training so all you need is some space & your water bottle & towel.
9. 35 Min. Full Body Cardio Kickboxing HIIT Workout
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Kick HIIT Day 1 is a complete full-body cardio kickboxing HIIT workout designed to "beat-down" body fat and get your body in great shape. We're going to be throwing punches, kicks, elbows, knees, and hopping all over the place in this fun and stress relieving workout - so get ready to bring your "A-Game" and KICK HIIT!!! [Est. Calories Burned: 239-429] In this Kickboxing HIIT workout, we're going for 35 minutes straight, so remember to stay hydrated, take breaks when needed, and that modifications are always welcome and encouraged. This workout consists of 3 circuits with with rounds ranging from 30-60 seconds - followed by a 2.5 minute burnout challenge round. We're going to kick this workout off with a warm-up and end with a cool-down stretch after completing this intense workout.
10. Khibae Aerobic Kickboxing & Self Defense
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Khibae Aerobic Kickboxing Workout & Self Defense both burn calories and give you applicable self defense skills.
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