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2 Kickboxing Cardio Workout Videos to Work Your Chest & Shoulders

Edward Massey • March 17, 2015
Jump in the ring, burn 1000 calories, and kick your body into shape. Build your skills and endurance for your next fighting event or the fight of your life. You won't know what hit you.Kickboxing - Upper Body by Le Jon Guillory
1. Cardio Kickboxing Basics - Upper Body
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This introductory workout will teach you various punch combinations including: Crosses, Hooks, Body Shots, and more. Learn the basics in this Grokker Premium video and work up a sweat! For more, try Le Jon's 109 Upper and Lower Body workouts.
2. 109 Punches for a Toned Upper Body
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Tone and strengthen your arms, shoulders, core and legs in this challenging class. Punch and jab over 109 times as Le Jon motivates you through this upper body grit fest. DJ Bravo will provide the extra energy you need as you work up a sweat. Test yourself! Try this Grokker Premium video once a week for a month along with Le Jon's other videos to get the results you desire.
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