9 Kickboxing Cardio Workout Videos for Toning

Edward Massey • March 17, 2015
Jump in the ring, burn 1000 calories, and kick your body into shape. Build your skills and endurance for your next fighting event or the fight of your life. You won't know what hit you.Home MMA Workout Part 2 - P90X INSANITY
1. Home MMA Workout Part 2 - P90X INSANITY
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Today we specifically work the front snap kick, or as Muay Thai practitioners call it: the teep. This is an ENTIRE aerobic-plyometric workout, just like P90X, Insanity, and Tapout XT... BUT BETTER! AND FREE! THE ACADEMY helps you lose weight, while teaching you MMA right in your own home. TAKE A "BEFORE" PICTURE PRIOR TO STARTING THE ACADEMY! If you stick with the program for 60 days faithfully, and practice a healthy (No carbs after 5 pm, no saturated fat) diet, you WILL see results! Lose weight, get in shape and learn how to fight!
2. Billy Blanks Tae Bo Advanced
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Join Billy for a fun, powerful, total body Tae Bo® workout.
3. Full-Body UFC Workout: Kick, Box, Sweat
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Grab a towel! You will need it for this high intensity workout. Using jabs and crosses, kicks and jumps, this total body training routine with Jennifer Cassetta, will make it clear why her workout series is called Fight for Fitness. Your abs will feel it as you train UFC style from the core to the outer limbs in this Grokker Premium video. Don't give up because this Hapkido (3rd Degree Black Belter) wants you to fight!
4. Cardio Kickboxing - Lower Body
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Sculpt your legs and glutes and burn over 200 calories in this high intensity kickboxing class. Le Jon's energy and enthusiasm will keep you motivated as you complete more high kicks than you ever thought possible.
5. 109 Punches for a Toned Upper Body
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Tone and strengthen your arms, shoulders, core and legs in this challenging class. Punch and jab over 109 times as Le Jon motivates you through this upper body grit fest. DJ Bravo will provide the extra energy you need as you work up a sweat. Test yourself! Try this Grokker Premium video once a week for a month along with Le Jon's other videos to get the results you desire.
6. Total Body Cardio Class
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Burn up to 500 calories in this high intensity, cardio-kickboxing class. Le Jon Guillory will put you through a challenging series of punches, hooks, bobs and weaves. Jam out with DJ Bravo while you sweat. Make this Grokker Premium video a weekly routine and meet your personal fitness goals quickly. You won't regret it!
7. Cardio Kickboxing and Martial Arts Exercise
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This is a fun, medium intensity, cardio and sculpting workout that incorporates a variety of kickboxing, boxing and martial arts exercises, including jabs, roundhouse kicks, crescent kicks, plank punches and crunches. Jennifer incorporates her Hapkido training into this Grokker Premium video workout that is designed to be a full body, calorie-burning challenge with many of the exercises designed to target the core.
8. Cardio Kickboxing Stacking
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This kickboxing workout is designed to burn a ton of calories in a short amount of time. Fitness expert Le Jon will teach you a combination of punches and kicks that will boost your metabolism and tone your muscles. Perfect for beginners and advanced students alike!
9. The Basics of Front Kicks - Week One Workout One
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Welcome to the ultimate kickboxing workout program, Christian Thomson’s 5-week Cardio Kick Fitness series. In this video you will burn fat, improve your agility, and learn basic kickboxing techniques for front kicks, punches, and some basic combinations. This video should be completed on the first day of week 1 of the series. So join Christian Thomson in this Grokker Premium Video as you kick, punch, and sweat your way to the body you want in the Cardio Kick Fitness series.
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