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Leslie Vale • June 3, 2015
Yoga is a great fun filled family activity that you can take up with your kids. By practicing yoga, children can get some exercise and even improve concentration, balance and coordination. In fact, according to a study by California State University, yoga can also help boost a child’s grades, as well as his or her self-esteem. Rabbit Pose - Kids Yoga
1. Yoga Motion - Yoga for Kids Ages 2.5+ (Warm-up)
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Your child will learn "Rock-and-Roll", "Zipper", and "Cat-Cow", as well as some breathing techniques.
2. Rabbit Pose - Kids Yoga
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Rabbit Pose is an extension of Child's Pose - a fun way to help children welcome spring or Easter!
3. Yoga for Kids
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Have some wound up Tasmanian Devils at home? Join Sarah Kline and her niece Charlotte in a 10-minute sequence. It's a fun and positive way to channel and redirect some of that cyclone energy! Everyone will benefit!
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