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6 Newcomer Prenatal Yoga Videos

Leslie Perryman • April 15, 2015
These yoga sequences can be practiced throughout each trimester of pregnancy and into the months of motherhood to promote hormonal balance, a healthy delivery, and quick recovery.Don't be intimidated by the idea of taking up yoga. Yoga for beginners classes are designed specifically to ease you in gradually into a practice. Yoga poses in beginners classes are easy enough not to put off first timers but just hard enough to stretch your muscles and give you a real workout. What's more there is such a range and variety of yoga styles and instructors for beginners to try that you will certainly find the right yoga practice for you. Prenatal Yoga: Inner Renewal by Siri Peterson Cavanna
1. Nurturing Life: Prenatal Yoga for Beginners
Nurturing Life: Prenatal Yoga for Beginners
This class is perfect for expectant mothers looking to begin prenatal yoga. Learn to breathe fully to access your full physical, mental, and emotional capacity for strength and fluidity. In this Grokker Premium video, you'll gain skills to access your pelvic floor. Grokker Yoga Expert, Samantha Brown, will guide you towards your inherent inner guide that is the ancient wisdom that nurtures and gives life: the power of creation within each mother. All Levels
2. Prenatal Yoga: Creating Inner Space
Prenatal Yoga: Creating Inner Space
Reconnect with your baby, your body, and your breathe. Pregnancy can challenge us at every level- physically, mentally, and emotionally. Take time in this Grokker Premium video to pause, breathe, move, and honor the miraculous power coursing through your body. Follow Grokker Yoga Expert Siri Peterson through this short practice designed for all levels, and all three trimesters.
3. Women's Health: Yoga for Fertility
Women's Health: Yoga for Fertility
Open your whole self to creative abundance. Designed for women wishing to conceive, this gentle, supportive sequence encourages fertility through opening physically and receiving emotionally. Move through sweet grounding postures, centering breath-work, and intent-based guided meditation. Follow Grokker Yoga Expert Sierra Campbell in this class designed to connect your life creating force to your well-planned goals for motherhood. This Grokker Premium video is appropriate for all levels.
4. Nurturing Life: Regenerative & Calming Yoga
Nurturing Life: Regenerative & Calming Yoga
This sequence will warm up your spine with simple postures to gently tone your nervous system through light muscle engagements that will act like a calming hug for your entire body. While integrating breath awareness and intention, this Grokker Premium video will give you a chance to connect with what is really coming up for you as an expectant Mother. Grokker Yoga Expert Samantha Brown will lead you with a meditative guidance where you will be given tangible tools to nurture positive emotions and forge a deeper connection with the inherent wisdom within. All Levels
5. Prenatal Yoga: Inner Renewal
Prenatal Yoga: Inner Renewal
In this prenatal class, Siri Peterson will lead you through a series of lower body openings designed to restore and renew and help you find inner strength. Afterwards you will be prepared to conquer the challenges of pregnancy. This class is appropriate for all levels.
6. Prenatal Yoga: Restore
Prenatal Yoga: Restore
Need a little extra support? This restorative sequence is perfect for alleviating prenatal stress. Follow Grokker Yoga Expert Siri Peterson to clear away the pregnancy fatigue and return to an inner reservoir of creative, maternal power. This Grokker Premium video designed for all levels, and all three trimesters.
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