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Leslie Perryman • November 1, 2017
A restful night's sleep is essential for many facets of daily life. Learn healthy nighttime rituals and listen to guided meditations designed to have you sleeping soundly every night.Breath Exercise For Sleep by Natasha Kerry
1. Breath Exercise For Sleep
Breath Exercise For Sleep
Paying attention to our breath is a powerful way of bringing our awareness to the present moment and slowing down our thoughts. In this session Natasha will guide you through the practice of alternating the flow of breath between each nostril. The purpose of this breathing technique is to calm the nervous system by slowing the breath rate down and introducing short holds to the breath. This will allow you to clear your mind, let go of any worries and prepare you for evening relaxation and a deep sleep.
2. Gentle Stretches For Bed
Gentle Stretches For Bed
In this session Natasha will guide you through a deeper physical practice that will allow you to release storied tension in the body. She will demonstrate 3 simple, restorative poses which you can hold for up to 5 minutes each in order to calm the nervous system, lower stress levels and prepare the body for a restorative restful sleep.
3. Calm Mind For Sleep
Calm Mind For Sleep
After a busy day it can be a struggle for many of us to relax and unwind. In this session, Natasha will guide you through an exercise to calm the mind in preparation for sleep. If you lay awake at night with a busy, alert mind then this exercise will bring your attention back to the present moment and physical sensations in your body. The mind can then more easily switch off and the body is allowed to rest.
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