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Cain Carroll, Level 4
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Cain CarrollFounder of The Radiant Awakening - Los Gatos, CAPersonal MissionIt is my life's work to help people wake up and thrive in all Nine Spheres of life. Unique SpecialtySelf-healing through meditation and mindful movementOther PassionsSpending time outdoors, writing poetry, cooking, practicing Asian brush calligraphy, and preparing loose leaf tea in hand thrown pots.Website
Cain Carroll is a visionary teacher, speaker and author in the fields of self-healing, personal development, and engaged spirituality. Cain is founder of The Radiant Awakening and Taoflow Yoga, author of Partner Yoga, Mudras of India, The Four Dignities, and creator of three instructional DVDs: Pain-Free Joints, Heal Neck & Shoulder Pain, and Digestive Power. He leads workshops and retreats worldwide. READ FULL BIO
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Thumbnail image for Taoflow: 40 min. Nourishing Life Practice
Cain Carroll, Level 4
Thumbnail image for Taoflow: 60 min. Basics
Cain Carroll, Level 4
Thumbnail image for Taoflow: Moving from the Center
Cain Carroll, Level 4
Thumbnail image for Taoflow: Squat Sequence
Cain Carroll, Level 4
Thumbnail image for Shake and Flow: 40 min. Basics
Cain Carroll, Level 4
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Cain Carroll, Level 4
Thumbnail image for Taoflow: Joint Opening
Cain Carroll, Level 4
Thumbnail image for Taoflow: Stability
Cain Carroll, Level 4
Thumbnail image for Hip Opening and Meditation
Cain Carroll, Level 4
Thumbnail image for Taoflow: 20 min. Nourishing Life
Cain Carroll, Level 4
Thumbnail image for Taoflow: Hip Opening Meditation
Cain Carroll, Level 4
Thumbnail image for Shake and Flow: 20 mins
Cain Carroll, Level 4
Thumbnail image for Taoflow: 40 min. Basics
Cain Carroll, Level 4
Yoga Aliance E-RYT 500
Co-author Partner Yoga Mudras of India
Creator Mudras of Yoga Card Deck Mudras of Yoga Wall Chart
Creator of three self-healing instructional DVDs Pain-Free Joints Heal Neck & Shoulder Pain Digestive Power
Author The Four Dignities The Radiant Awakening Workbook


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