Prenatal Yoga

3 Prenatal Yoga Videos for Mental Clarity

Leslie Perryman • March 17, 2015
These yoga sequences can be practiced throughout each trimester of pregnancy and into the months of motherhood to promote hormonal balance, a healthy delivery, and quick recovery.Prenatal Yoga: Inner Renewal by Siri Peterson Cavanna
1. Prenatal Yoga: Inner Renewal
Prenatal Yoga: Inner Renewal
In this prenatal class, Siri Peterson will lead you through a series of lower body openings designed to restore and renew and help you find inner strength. Afterwards you will be prepared to conquer the challenges of pregnancy. This class is appropriate for all levels.
2. Nurturing Life: Regenerative & Calming Yoga
Nurturing Life: Regenerative & Calming Yoga
This sequence will warm up your spine with simple postures to gently tone your nervous system through light muscle engagements that will act like a calming hug for your entire body. While integrating breath awareness and intention, this Grokker Premium video will give you a chance to connect with what is really coming up for you as an expectant Mother. Grokker Yoga Expert Samantha Brown will lead you with a meditative guidance where you will be given tangible tools to nurture positive emotions and forge a deeper connection with the inherent wisdom within. All Levels
3. Nurturing Life: Connecting with Your Baby
Nurturing Life: Connecting with Your Baby
Connecting with the growing life inside of you begins with pausing to connect with yourself. In this active practice Grokker Yoga Expert, Samantha Brown, will guide you through a full spectrum prenatal practice that will help prepare you physically, mentally and emotionally for the labor experience. The mental focus of this Grokker Premium video will be connecting with the growing life inside of you. Note: This practice is meant for pregnant women who had an active yoga practice before conception.
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