4 Dance Workout Videos with Step-Up Exercises

Edward Massey • May 13, 2015
Train like a dancer and learn some new moves with these fun hip-hop and ballet type workouts.Cardio Fitness Party Workout
1. Cardio Fitness Party Workout: Burn to the Beat
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Cardio Fitness Party Workout: Burn to the Beat with Keaira LaShae is a fierce, 10-minute cardio dance workout that will amp up your fat-burning furnace with the ultimate pounds dance-off that gives cutting-edge exercise a fun edge to shape a sexy, smoldering physique. Sculpt long, lean muscle and a slim and sexy body with Fitness and Music Star, Keaira LaShae in this style-packed, high-energy routine from the all new "Burn to the Beat" Fitness Series, Exclusively on BeFit! Kick start your weight loss potential and activate your core as you tone the arms, chest, legs, abs, butt, thighs, shoulders, and back with unique result-driven moves like high knees, the Heisman step, in-and-out plié squats, double body rolls, shoulder rocks, burpees, jump squats, lateral jacks, pull-down crunches, booty pop crunches and much more. Engage the abdominals and tighten the obliques with standing ab moves as you slim the waistline and firm the booty right from the comfort of your own living room. This workout is great for all skill levels and requires only a towel and a bottle of water to complete. Join the party to lift, firm, and shape a sexy lower half. From start to finish, it has never been this fun to get into shape.
2. Denise Austin: Total Body Burn Cardio Dance Workout
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Denise Austin: Total Body Burn Cardio Dance Workout is an explosive, 30 minute fat-burning dance routine that combines quintessential dance moves from an array of styles to Kick-start your weight loss potential and tone the entire body. Turn up the burn and prepare to sweat with Iconic Fitness Legend, Denise Austin as she shows you how to incinerate calories in this effective, aerobic segment from her top-selling "Body Burn with Dance & Pilates" Fitness DVD that is sure to sculpt long and lean muscle, slim the waistline and leave a smile on your face. Challenge the core and activate the abdominals as you learn easy-to-follow dance moves that will tone the hips, thighs, legs, butt, shoulders, chest, arms, back, and obliques as you boost your metabolism and target every major muscle group of the body. This high-energy exercise routine begins with a brief warm-up to lubricate the joints and prevent injury, and ends with a soothing stretching series to cool down and maximize results. Look and feel your best with this unique series of Mambo & Samba variations, V-Steps, kick ball changes, chasses, triple steps, lunges, jumps, grapevines, box steps, marches, step touches, slides, twists, kicks, hip thrusters, and Brazilian-inspired moves right from your own home with one of the most respected trainers in the business! Re-shape your body and develop a sexier, slimmer, and more streamlined physique with BeFiT. You will need a towel and a bottle of water to complete this exciting workout that is great for all skill levels.
3. Latin Dance Cardio Workout
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Latin dance cardio is really simple and so much fun. Even if you’ve never danced before, this is a class for you! In this Grokker Premium video, expert Jaime McFaden will help you get that heart rate up and shake those hips. The more you shake it now, the less you’re going to shake later. As part of the Tone and Trim series, the focus is on fitness, but the most important part is to keep moving, feel the music, and enjoy it!
4. Funk Dance Cardio Workout
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As part of the Tone and Trim series, dance is a fun way to get a workout that doesn’t feel like work. The funk dance in this Grokker Premium video is built off of a basic march, with disco moves added to work your arms and core. If you ever get lost, you can always go back to those easy steps and jump in again. With expert Jaime McFaden, you’re going to have fun and get funky. All you have to do is follow along!
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