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2 Sports Conditioning Workout Videos for a Healthy Heart

Edward Massey • March 17, 2015
Runner? Field Athlete? These workouts are for you. Jump in on your off days and strengthen your body so that you can be more powerful, run faster and be conditioned for game day challenges.High Intensity Sports Conditioning Circuit by Jon Stratford
1. High Intensity Sports Conditioning Circuit
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Join Marine Commando Jon Stratford as he gets you shape for the pre-season and builds your muscular endurance. This Grokker Premium video draws from five sports including football, skiing and surfing and is not for the faint hearted so get ready for this 30 minute hard core workout.
2. Outdoor HIIT Routine - Ultimate Mud Runner
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In this outdoor workout, Jon shows you how to use a log or bench, to make a fun and testing HIIT workout that will improve your cardiovascular fitness, and your strength. These outdoor workouts give you some ideas of how you workout in your local park and use some of the equipment that is available to help you to prepare for race day. Combine the different exercises to make your own workout, or use the routines provided by Jon below.
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