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10 Reduce Stress & Anxiety Mind Videos that are Good for morning

Leslie Vale • April 12, 2017
These guided meditations will instantly reduce stress and anxiety, and teach you techniques for managing it each day.How To Do a Digital Detox by Julie Montagu
1. How To Do a Digital Detox
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Are you ready to invigorate your life by taking a digital detox? The average person spends a significant amount of time each day checking their devices and this often leads to overwhelm and mental stress. The good news is, we all have the power to limit the amount of interruptions caused by our digital devices. In this session, Julie shares her advice on how you can kickstart a 'digital detox' and reap the benefits of having more time and energy throughout your day.
2. Introductory Body Meditation: 5 min.
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This guided meditation will relax your entire body and bring deep sensory awareness. You will be guided to experience careful, mindful attention to every part of your body from the top of the head to the feet. Mark will guide you to notice sensations in your muscles and on your skin with each rising and falling breath. Whether you are new to mindfulness or are an experienced practitioner, you will enjoy this total body relaxation meditation.
3. Introductory Open Awareness Meditation: 5 min.
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In this abbreviated guided meditation you will explore how to bring mindful attention to your full experience of sound, sensations, breath, and feelings in order to stay steady, centered, and living with greater clarity, wisdom, and peace. Allow Grokker Meditation Expert Mark Coleman to guide you through a practice that will give you a deeper appreciation for the full spectrum of sensations, emotions, and thoughts. All levels.
4. Introductory Big Mind Meditation: 5 min.
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Big Mind meditation is a practice meant to open you into profound spaciousness, like that of the sky. It points you to the ever - present nature of awareness and simplicity that is always available and is the true essence of who you are. With this meditation, allow Grokker Meditation Expert Mark Coleman to guide you in the discovery of quiet joy and peace within the heart. The Big Mind meditation allows you to receive each moment like clouds passing through the sky of the mind. With this ease of mind, you can experience a true state of peace. This Grokker Premium video is meant for all levels.
5. Guided Morning Meditation
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A 5 minute guided morning meditation to start your day off calm, aware, and relaxed.
6. Awareness and Gratitude Meditation
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"When I let go of who I am, I become who I might be". With this in mind, embark on this meditation designed to foster gratitude and create awareness of where you are in the present moment. Discover greater awareness of who and what you are grateful for, and the purity of deep appreciation for what creates meaning in your life. Ground yourself in the roots of self acceptance and live in the moment by awakening gratitude.
7. Fostering Patience Meditation
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Patience allows us to unfold the present moment with greater ease and this meditation will help give you the tools to become more patient and accepting in your everyday life. The process of inner acceptance requires thoughtfulness and self inquiry in each moment. Even when the mind leads you astray or emotions gets the best of you, there is always an opportunity to stay steady with mindfulness.
8. Fostering Inner Acceptance
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In this mindfulness meditation video appropriate for all skill levels, davidji will teach you to accept yourself and your surroundings so that you can live more harmoniously with yourself and others. If you like this meditation, be sure to try the other meditations in davidji's Fostering Mindfulness meditation series.
9. Setting Intention Meditation
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Find a greater sense of clarity in both your inner and outer life. This meditation is designed to bring your true intentions to the forefront of your mind and discover a simple path for directly manifesting your dreams.
10. Extended Listening Meditation: 20 min.
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Listen. In experiencing sound as vibration you develop a deep connection to your outer environment and can clearly experience how the resonance of sound ripples through you to change your inner experience. In this meditation you will be encouraged to listen to both the symphony of sound, as well as the source of silence from which sound emerges. The key teachings given by Mark Coleman in this Grokker Premium video will allow you to see and let go of any preference to what sounds appear, and through that discover a state of ease and acceptance with whatever arises. All levels.
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