Ashtanga Yoga: Third Series

3 Third Series Yoga Videos for Centering the Mind

Leslie Perryman • March 17, 2015
How to Safely Get into Splits
1. How to Safely Get into Splits
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So many people have asked me for a video on the splits. Ok here it is. Be careful and conscious about overstretching so don't try this unless you are pretty advanced. This movement comes in the Ashtanga Yoga Third Series and is meant to prepare for deep backbends.
2. Proper Alignment in Deep Backbend Hand on Ankles
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Ashtanga Yoga teacher Kino MacGregor shows you how to catch your own ankles for safe deep backbending. This movement, called Chakra Bandhasana, is best performed with the assistance of a teacher. But even if you do not have a teacher it is still attainable if you give the body time and space to open.
3. Scorpion Handstand Demonstration
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Ashtanga Yoga Instructor, Kino MacGregor show you how to work on Scorpion Handstand, known in Sanskrit as Vrschikasana. This fun, but challenging posture is a great way to test the limits of your strength and flexibility on all levels.
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