Travel Yoga

3 Travel Yoga Videos for Yoga Instructors

Leslie Perryman • March 17, 2015
On travel? Stay grounded with our travel yoga selection.Grounding Yoga Sequence for Travel
1. Recover from Jet Lag
Recover from Jet Lag
Bounce back from jet lag and travel stress with this quick routine.
2. Grounding Yoga Sequence for Travel
Grounding Yoga Sequence for Travel
This a grounding sequence that helps your body adjust to the stress of traveling. The instructor will show you moves that will help the hips and clear the mind.
3. Yoga Exercises on a Airplane
Yoga Exercises on a Airplane
In this Health Tips video from Veria Living, traveling can be stressful to our mind and body. Here are some ways to keep calm and comfortable while in the air.
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