Kids Birthday Party

10 Techniques & Tools Recipes for a Kids Birthday Party

Drew Glover • March 17, 2015
Do you have a wonderful idea for baking or cooking but don't know how to get it accomplished? This place has tons of tips and techniques to help take your ideas to reality. Learn tips on how to cook from professional chefs and cooking instructors.Maple Glazed Pecans | Hungry for the Holidays
1. Maple Glazed Pecans | Hungry for the Holidays
Thumbnail image for Maple Glazed Pecans | Hungry for the Holidays
These toasted nuts are anything but standard. They're sweet and salty, with speckles of sesame seeds, perfect as a quick treat for holiday guests.
2. The Ombre Petal Technique
Thumbnail image for Ombre  Petal Technique
Learn how to decorate a cake beautifully with this petal ombre technique. Very easy step by step technique that will have your cake looking professional and amazing!
3. Baking Basics: Tips on Chocolate Percentages
Thumbnail image for Chocolate Percentages
Forty percent chocolate? Seventy percent chocolate? Eighty percent chocolate? Chocolate explosion!? What does it all mean? Just thinking about all these percentages might get your head to start spinning but no worries as Pastry Chef Emily Luchetti is here to share her knowledge on how to take advantage of this explosion of chocolates that recipes call for. In this Grokker Premium video you will learn what semi-sweet, bitter-sweet, and unsweetened chocolate mean and how you can use it to elevate your baking.
4. How To Brown Butter
Thumbnail image for How To Brown Butter
Who would have thought that a simple technique like browning your butter would give so many flavors into all your recipes? Pastry Chef Robyn Lenzi shares her tips on how to elevate butter to add another layer of flavor in this Grokker Premium video.
5. Measuring Chocolate Without a Scale
Thumbnail image for Measuring Chocolate
It's important to know how to measure chocolate you buy when you're getting ready to bake. It's also very annoying having to use the scale every time! Well, Pastry Chef Emily Luchetti is ready to show you a neat tip on how to measure your chocolate without a scale and have you ready to bake in no time. This is a Grokker premium video series on Tips on Chocolate.
6. Baking Basics: Tips on Baking with Nuts
Thumbnail image for Tips on Baking with Nuts
What nuts can you interchange? Can you substitute pecans instead of almonds? Pastry Chef Emily Luchetti gives you a tour of all the nuts you are likely to encounter in baking recipes, and shows you how to bring out the flavor of nuts before you cook with them in this Premium video.
7. Baking Basics: How to Cut a Cake Like a Pro
Thumbnail image for Cut a Cake Like a Pro
Piece of Cake? Learn how a pastry professional gets the perfect slice in this Grokker Premium video in the Baking Basics collection by Pastry Chef Emily Luchetti.
8. Baking Basics: Measuring Ingredients Properly
Thumbnail image for Measuring Ingredients
One of the biggest problems bakers have at home is learning how to measure their ingredients. It can be frustrating when you scoop up a cup of flour but it turns out to be more then a cup and you have no idea why! Pastry Chef Emily Luchetti has great insight into simple baking tips that will help you properly use different measuring utensils and solve the flour problem that will result in your desserts coming out delicious. Watch this Grokker Premium video on tips in baking.
9. Baking Basics: Piping with a Pastry Bag
Thumbnail image for Piping with a Pastry Bag
Imagine your guests staring at your perfectly piped cake and complimenting you on how beautiful and professional it looks. It's time to stop imagining and start decorating your cake like a pastry chef! In this Grokker Premium video, Executive Pastry Chef Emily Luchetti demonstrates how to pipe with a pastry bag and impress all your guests. So grab a pastry bag, a standard piping tip, and let Chef Emily teach you the tricks to transform your cakes.
10. Baking Basics: Making Fluffy Whipped Cream
Thumbnail image for Making Whipped Cream
Learn how to make perfectly whipped cream, and how to fix it when it goes wrong! Pastry chef Emily Luchetti of San Francisco's Farallon and Waterbar Restaurants teaches you her secret to light, luscious whipped cream in this Grokker Premium video.
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