Recipes with Chicken and Duck

Drew Glover • June 3, 2015
Debone Poultry in a Flash by Doc Ward
1. Debone Turkey, Chicken, & Duck in 15 Minutes!
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Take your culinary skills up a notch and save money by learning how to debone a turkey in this Grokker Premium video. Once you've learned to debone a turkey you will have the basic skills to debone just about any poultry bird, including chicken and duck. There are many great recipes for stuffed boneless birds, including the Thanksgiving classic - the Turducken. Watch as Chef Doc Ward takes you through a step by step demonstration of how to debone a turkey in less than fifteen minutes. Watch all of the other great Grokker Premium Thanksgiving videos and let us know what you think.
2. Juicy Deep-Fried Turducken for the Holidays
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The Turducken is a chicken, placed inside a duck, which is placed inside a turkey, then fried to finger licking good perfection! When you slice up and serve these layers of juicy meat, your guests will definitely be asking for seconds! Enjoy The Grokker Thanksgiving Feast series with Chef Doc in this Grokker Premium video.
3. Ultimate Thanksgiving Gravy
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With Thanksgiving coming up, MDRN KTCHN host Scott Heimendinger explains the science of emulsions using a holiday staple: gravy. His version uses small amounts of xanthan gum and lecithin to emulsify flavorful jus with fat to create an incredibly rich, completely bird-flavored sauce.
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