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10 Cardio Workout Videos for Muscle Definition

Edward Massey • March 17, 2015
These workouts are designed to get your body moving, and to increase blood flow in the best way possible so you can live longer, have endurance to compete in races, and give yourself energy to complete your day feeling great.Flat Abs Walk by Ellen Barrett
1. Flat Abs Walk
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This Ellen Barrett workout focuses on cardio and strengthening you core. Get your heart rate up, burn calories and build strength in just 20 minutes. Lace those shoes up and get ready to have fun while Walking Strong.
2. Cardio Core #4 - Combo
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Jumpstart your metabolism with a lot of movement! This workout consists of a 10-minute Tabata-style (20-seconds on/10-seconds off) cardio session, followed by 13 minutes of core work. This is a great full body workout that will get your heart rate up and then focus on toning and sculpting the abs. Get after it and enjoy!
3. HIIT #2 - Stamina
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In this high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout, the focus is on stamina. Sarah will teach you how to incorporate resistance bands into your training for strong tendons and ligaments that result in long, lean muscles. You'll work up a sweat and burn calories through an optimized combination of lower body, upper body and cardio moves.
4. Cardio Sports Training Workout
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Denise Austin Cardio Sports Training Workout is designed to boost metabolism, sculpt muscle, and burn fat through intense, stamina-building cardio exercises. Iconic trainer, Denise Austin takes you through this unique combination of traditional athletic conditioning drills and modern interval training exercises that will blast away the pounds and tone your entire body fast!
5. Fat Burning Total-Body Cardio Step Workout
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30 minute low impact, fat torching workout. 21 moves to shape and tone your body. This is killer cardio with some strength training (body weight). You can get a great workout with or without a step. Includes a warm up and you'll be sore the next day. This workout burns 334 - 458 calories.
6. Cardio Workout: How to Lose Weight
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On today's episode of XHIT, fitness trainer Rebecca-Louise shows you how burn a ton of calories in just a few minutes! Learn how to do a full body workout that will slim your waist and tone your legs! Follow along and let us know what you thought!
7. Step Reebok: The Video
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The original Step Reebok video, realsed on VHS in 1992. Featuring Gin Miller, the creator of Step Reebok. Get Fit by stepping your way to a chiseled body.
8. Get Off The Couch! Great Cardio & Sculpting Workout
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14 minutes Body Workout!
9. Belly Off - The Strength Training Routine Part 1
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Great combo workout - toning and sculpting, cardio, circuit training, including a nice warm up.
10. 5 Exercise HIIT Training
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We're doing cone jumps, incline push-ups, upright rows, bicep curls and mountain climbers. A grueling series of fat-burning cardio movements and exercises that build strength and stability.
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