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9 Cardio Workout Videos with Mountain Climber Exercises

Edward Massey • May 13, 2015
These workouts are designed to get your body moving, and to increase blood flow in the best way possible so you can live longer, have endurance to compete in races, and give yourself energy to complete your day feeling great.10-Minute Low-Impact Cardio by Jaime McFaden
1. Let's Get Moving: 10-Minute Low-Impact Cardio
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This low-impact workout will increase your heart rate and tone the body. The heart is the biggest muscle and the most vital organ to our health. By adding a cardio routine a few times a week – you can help reverse sedentary damage. No matter how busy you are, this short routine is perfect to fit into your day.
2. Impossible Full-Body Cardio and Bodyweight HIIT Exercise
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If you are looking for a super challenging cardio workout - this one is for you! The combo of cardio kickboxing instructor LeJon Guillory's high energy encouragement and coaching along with the DJ beats will help you keep going. The workout starts with five minutes of jump roping to get your entire body warmed up. If you don't have a jump rope, don't let that stop you, just use your imaginary jump rope to hop along. Then the fun really begins with round one of six body weight exercises where you will do as many reps as possible of each in 40 seconds, then rest for 20 seconds before starting in on the next exercise. If you complete this whole workout, there are six rounds, but don't worry if the first time you complete two or three or even four rounds, just shoot to complete more the next time you put on this awesome Grokker Premium cardio fitness video.
3. Cardio Combat Boot Camp Workout #1
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The things that challenge us in life give us change. In this twenty-minute Grokker Premium video, Jaime McFaden will cycle you through ten nonstop cardio moves to torch off fat. You don’t need a treadmill or any special equipment to slim down! In this boot camp installment of the Tone and Trim series, modifications for beginners and advanced levels make this an easy and excellent cardio routine for all.
4. Plyometric Bodyweight Challenge
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Looking for an intense workout? This is the video for you! Try this high intensity full-body cardio plyometric workout that will be a challenge even for fitness enthusiasts who are already in great shape. There are over twenty different exercises in this video performed for 30 seconds each with a 15 second rest in between. While this is definitely a high intensity workout, it's also great for those pushing to get in better shape by doing more reps each time they do the workout. Join Sarah in this Grokker Premium video for a great plyometric workout that will leave you sweating and smiling. Enjoy!
5. Cardio/Strength Workout
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Cardio/Strength Workout routine consisting of 5 exercises - dive-bomber push-ups, jump squats, pulse planks, mountain climbers and floor dips - each done for 30 seconds, and the whole set repeated 3 times. Trainer Michael Patarino leads you through a grueling series of fat-burning cardio movements and exercises that build strength and stability.
6. Total Body Toning Workout
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TOTAL BODY TONING workout. This is a great workout that you can do at home with nothing but a pair of light dumbbells.
7. 5 Exercise HIIT Training
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We're doing cone jumps, incline push-ups, upright rows, bicep curls and mountain climbers. A grueling series of fat-burning cardio movements and exercises that build strength and stability.
8. Cardio Combat Boot Camp Workout #2
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It’s time to get your blood moving in Cardio Combat II, the second nonstop cardio workout in Jaime McFaden’s Tone and Trim series! Keeping it old school with classic moves like mountain climbers and burpees, this Grokker Premium video will raise your heart rate and help you slim down. At only twenty minutes, with modifications for beginners and advanced levels, this workout is a great start for a healthy heart.
9. HIIT #3 - Burpees, Plyometric Lunge, & Squat Jump
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Burn fat and build total body strength in this 20-minute circuit training workout from Ellysia Noble. Ellysia will keep you motivated as you navigate burpees, plyometric lunges, and other moves. If you can't get enough of Ellysia, be sure to check out her Lose Fat & Sculpt Yourself fitness Series.
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