Workouts with Push-Up Exercises and Arm Circle

Edward Massey • November 1, 2017
Functional Fitness Foundations by Pace and Go
1. Functional Fitness Foundations
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Welcome to your first workout in 21-Day Athlete program. In this session you will learn how to perform basic functional fitness movements including, squats, lunges, tricep dips and press-ups. By learning how to perform these exercises with the correct technique you increase the effectiveness of your workouts and ensure that you limit any risk of injury as you start to increase the intensity of these exercises throughout the series. Enjoy the process of reconnecting with your body as you kick-start your fitness journey with Pace and Go.
2. Tone & Trim: Arms & Upper Body
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Jaime McFaden is here to give you the secrets to getting defined arms and shoulders! And just like the other workouts in Jaime's 30-day fitness plan, this one requires no weights or special equipment - just your body! Get started with Jaime now, and when you're finished be sure to check out her Tone & Trim fitness plan.
3. Cardio Combat Boot Camp Workout #2
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It’s time to get your blood moving in Cardio Combat II, the second nonstop cardio workout in Jaime McFaden’s Tone and Trim series! Keeping it old school with classic moves like mountain climbers and burpees, this Grokker Premium video will raise your heart rate and help you slim down. At only twenty minutes, with modifications for beginners and advanced levels, this workout is a great start for a healthy heart.
4. Love Your Core Even More Abs Workout
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This is a more challenging sequel to the Love Your Core workout in the Tone and Trim series. In this Grokker Premium video, expert Jaime McFaden tests you with abdominal exercises that are more difficult to give you great definition. Push yourself! With no extra equipment, and only twenty minutes of your day, it’s easy to love your core even more.
5. Tighten Your Waistline
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Get moving with this terrific total body isometric workout with a primary focus on improving your waistline. Similar to Pilates, this Bar Effect workout is designed to promote long muscles and a lean look. In this Grokker Premium video Michelle Rahlves shows you a series of small exercise movements that will help you get great toning results.
6. Fast & Effective Bodyweight Upper Body Workout - Tone Upper Body at Home in Just 6 Minutes
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There are ten different bodyweight exercises for the upper body. We will be doing each for just 30 seconds before we move immediately into the next interval. This is a fast moving video with no rest periods at all; we move directly from one exercise to another, so watch the top left corner of your screen towards the end of each 30 second interval for a preview of the upcoming move.
7. Pilates - Back Workout
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The following Pilates exercises are meant to be done at home. You' ll only need a chair and an exercise mat. Training constantly, you will actually be able to achieve several of your goals right from the beginning. You will also notice a great change in your bearing, both in your upright and seated position. *** EXERCISE NUMBER 1 *** Sit on the edge of your chair and bend your left leg. Be careful for your left foot to keep leaning on the floor. Strech forward your right leg and lean your heel on the floor. Lean your hands on your left knee. Breath in and crane your neck toward the ceiling: pretend to be wearing a crown. Breath out and slowly bend forward, starting from your cervical. Keep on bending forward, pretending to get rolled up on a ball. Your belly buttom has to move closer to your vertebral column. Repeat the exercise 4 times per each side. This exercise improve your vertebral column mobility and strech your biceps femoris muscle. Be careful to mantain your head in line with your vertebral column. If the strain in the back part of your leg is too high, relax your foot. *** EXERCISE NUMBER 2 *** Sit on a chair with your leg bended and your feet leaned on the floor. Be careful for your leg to form a right angle. Breath in and move your trunk forward. Your arms have to be along your body. Breath out and bend your neck moving your head toward your left shoulder. Keep on rolling your head moving it forward. Move your head diagonally toward the opposite side. Keep on with the exercise tilting your head to the right. Keep on doing the exercise while you breath out. This exercise is meant to improve the mobility of you cervical. Do this exercise 3 times per side. Start drawing a semicircle in the air, if you don't feel any muscolar strain in your cervical, start drawing entire circles. *** EXERCISE NUMBER 3 *** Lie prone on the chair, mantain your legs and arms in line with the ground. Look at the floor and push your belly button toward your vertebral column. Start moving your arms and legs to the opposite direction, alternating the direction you move to. Get relaxed on the chair. Relax your legs, arms and head. This exercise improve your paravertebral muscles. Do this exercise 20. Alternating your legs and arms. Be careful to mantain your vertebral column in line with your body. *** EXERCISE NUMBER 4 *** Relax your neck and strech back your head. Lie flat on you back and lean your feet on a chair. Be careful to form a right angle with your legs. Breath in. Breath out and start moving your pubes toward the ceiling. Unroll one vertebra after each other till your shoulder blade. Mantain your chin far from your breast bone. This exercise improve your vertebral column mobility. Do this exercise 8 times.
8. Powerlifting 20 Awesome Warm-up Exercises
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Shawn Phillips, 10 minute AMPED Warm-up Routine
9. Upper Body Bikini Burn
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This is a great workout if you are looking to tone and firm your entire upper body - arms, shoulders, back and chest - using small hand weights and your body weight. Add this to your weekly workout regime and get energized by fitness instructor and bikini model Maggie Lane in this Grokker Premium video.
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