9 Pilates Glute Workout Videos

Edward Massey • May 13, 2015
Sculpt your abs and strengthen your core muscles with these low-impact workouts that primarily target the abdomen, lower back, hip and thigh muscles.Pilates Body Boot Camp by Amy Jordan
1. Pilates Body Boot Camp
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Get ready to work your body head to toe and inside out with this Pilates boot camp workout. Grab a chair or counter and a pair of 1-5 pound dumbbells and get ready to work.
2. Long Pilates Legs
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If you want legs like a dancer, you need to move like a dancer. It's time to work those long Pilates legs with Amy's fine tuning moves that will challenge you and leave your legs shaking in the best way.
3. Pilates for the Butt & Lower Body
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Feel the burn in this 20 minute Perfect Booty Pilates routine. The different exercises will lift your butt and strengthen your glutes from lots of different angles. Join Lottie Murphy in this Grokker Premium Video to lift and tone your booty!
4. Advanced Pilates: Intense Abs & Core Burn
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Ready to take it up to the next level? If yes, this full-body, ab-blasting Pilates routine is for you. In this video, Elaine builds on the movements from her beginner and intermediate Pilates/Abs videos and incorporates cardio blasts and intense toning movements. So if you are looking for a challenging routine that will have you sweating, grab a mat and let's get going.
5. Intermediate Pilates: Fire Up Your Abs & Core
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This is a great class for Intermediates and is focused on firing up the core, but also works on flexibility and balance. Many of the exercises are performed on the mat and Elaine offers a range of modifications for each movement to accommodate beginners and challenge the most advanced Pilates students. This low-impact, full body workout will get you tight and toned, so grab your mat and enjoy!
6. Perky Butt 'n Long Lean Legs
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7. Serious Standing Pilates for Legs, Butt & Obliques
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This is some advanced Standing Pilates moves for all of you who like a good challenge. POP Pilates Instructor Cassey Ho will work your legs, butt (glutes), obliques!
8. Pilates Class, 30 Minutes from Renee - abs and butt
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Renee from Renz Pilates takes you through her second NEW 30 minute Pilates routine. Kilo-calories burned: 180 Assuming Gender: Female Height: 170cm (5'6") Weight: 65kg (143lbs) Age: 25years Length :30minutes
9. Slimmer Inner Thighs & Runner's Calves
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Want long, lean legs? Slimmer thighs? The slightly muscular legs of an avid runner? Cassey will put you through a tough lower body workout that will sculpt shapely gams sure to stop traffic. Cassey Ho is a Pilates Instructor who really likes pop songs :)
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