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4 Back Bends Yoga Videos for Correcting Alignment

Leslie Vale • March 17, 2015
In yoga, we call backbends "heartopening." Spinal extension is safe and healthy when you can easily lengthen the lower spine away from the pelvis. This requires an emphasis on opening through the upper back, chest, and shoulders. With this alignement, you can free your upper spine, and find safe extension along the vertebral column.Moving Beyond Wheel Pose by Patrick and Carling Yoga
1. Moving Beyond Wheel Pose
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Explore advanced variations on expansive heart-opening poses. This sequence will take you into wheel pose, and offer modifications to empower the progression of your backbends. Through this 3-part series, follow Grokker Yoga Expert Carling Harps to prepare for, challenge, and advance your back bending postures. In this class, you will work with advanced variations. Enjoy!
2. Centering the Heart
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Take your backbends to the next level. This intermediate flow class will take you through a series of innovative variations on traditional backbends encountered in Yoga. Grokker Yoga Expert Carling Harps will challenge the intermediate student in this fun flow, and leave you feeling completely centered and open. This Grokker Premium video is designed for strong students with a seasoned practice.
3. Basic Backbends
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Dip into the expansive practice of opening the heart with this sweet introduction to flow yoga and basic back bending. Synchronize breath and movement with an innovative series of postures, then melt the heart, open the chest, and align the upper back. In this Grokker Premium video, learn to safely and effectively prepare for, move into, and return to center through bridge, wheel and other common backbends you'll find in your yoga practice. Follow Grokker Yoga Expert Carling Harps in this alignment based designed for beginner students.
4. Breaking Down Kapotasana
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This short sequence is an in-depth tutorial for the deepest backbend in the intermediate series of Ashtanga. In this Grokker Premium video, you will open the body safely to access all the separate components of this complex posture, and explore each stage as you progress more deeply. Follow Erika Abrahamian in exploration of this second series posture, and discover the emotions and sensations that arise within you.
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