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Balanced 20-minute Vinyasa Flow

Laura Burkhart, Level 9
Laura Burkhart
Who doesn’t have twenty minutes? This is the perfect video for times when your schedule is tight but you're still in need of a feel-good flow. In this class, you'll move through a dynamic sequence of breath-linked lunges, twists, warrior poses, and spine strengthening exercises to peak in camel pose, or ustrasana. You'll feel energized and open from the inside out. The Well Balanced Flow series features four time-tailored classes, each with the perfect amount of movement and flow no matter how tight your day is.


You will need a yoga mat, and consider having a block and strap handy.

20-minute Vinyasa Flow
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Christine S.
I'm able to find the perfect yoga routine for my daily needs. Grokker provides a wealth of wellness like never before.
Christine S.
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