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10 Hip Opening Yoga Videos for Yoga Instructors

Leslie Perryman • March 17, 2015
Tight hips can leave you feeling trapped! Lower spine health and hamstring mobility can be limited substantially from restricted range of motion through the pelvic joints. Open your hips, and find freedom through the spine and hamstrings!Treat Insomnia with Yoga
1. Treat Insomnia with Yoga
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Sleep better by releasing physical and mental tension through an easy yoga routine with Tara Stiles.
2. Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose
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In this video, Esther Ekhart demonstrates a variation of Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose, or Utthita Hasta Padangustasana. Balancing poses have many benefits, one being that it forces you to be alert, present and concentrated.
3. Side-Angle Pose with a Twist
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Kimberly Fowler shows you how to do a side-angle pose with a twist.
4. Bound Angle Pose
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Fundamentals of Butterfly, or Bound Angle Posture. Use this pose to open inner thighs, hips, and groin, as well as relieve the lower spine.
5. Hatha Yoga at Home
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Here are some Hatha Yoga poses you can do at home. you can follow this online yoga class anytime, except maybe right after having some food.
6. 5 Poses to Relieve Tight Hips
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Tara Stiles takes you through five perfect poses to help release tension in tight hips.
7. Half Lotus Position to Open Hips
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The key for beginners to safely get into half lotus in preparation for Padmasana position, or Half Lotus, is to keep the knee joint as closed as possible while targeting as much rotation in the hip joints as possible.
8. Post Run Stretch at Home
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Stretch on your front porch steps after your run!
9. Half Frog Pose Tutorial
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Here is a clear explanation on how to get into the frog pose, or Ardha Bhekasana. It helps release tension in the front of the thighs and groins and is great for runners.
10. Yoga for Runners
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Do you like running or jogging? Here's a yoga sequence that will help you to strengthen the hips and hamstrings. This is Yoga for runners.
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