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Deep Stretching Therapeutics: Lower Body

Robyn Capobianco, PhD, Level 3
Robyn Capobianco, PhD
Tone and stretch your legs to protect your back. You'll need a foam roller, tune up balls, a block, a strap and a mat, and prepare to undo the spine compressing effects of sitting all day or pounding the pavement in your running shoes. Designed to deeply stretch and open the legs, Join Grokker Yoga Expert Robyn Capobianco in this Grokker Premium video that will unlock your lower body and teach you how to keep your low back healthy. Breathe through it, some of the stretches are intense. Appropriate for all levels.


For this stretching workout you'll need a mat, a foam roller, a block, a strap, yoga therapy Tune-Up balls (or tennis balls), and a golf ball (yes, a golf ball, or other small hard ball).

Deep Stretching: Lower Body
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Christine S.
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