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Open, Align, and Shine

Rebecca Snowball, Level 6
Rebecca Snowball
Learn how to open, align, and make your body shine in this Grokker Premium video. You will be guided through a well-rounded sequence of the tradition Surya Namaskar, or Sun Salutations. This sequence helps to heat the body from the inside out, challenging your stamina and enhancing your awareness of the synchronicity between ease and breathe, and grace through movement. Grokker Yoga Expert, Rebecca Snowball, will give you a little bit of everything here with sharp attention to detailed alignment and the interwoven ethos of the core principles of alignment based yoga.


Props Needed: A mat, blocks, and blanket. Optional to have with you is a strap.

Tip: The focus of this practice is your body's alignment, so pay close attention to where your skeletal frame is in each pose.

Open, Align, and Shine
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Christine S.
I'm able to find the perfect yoga routine for my daily needs. Grokker provides a wealth of wellness like never before.
Christine S.
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