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4 Hip Opening Yoga Videos for Aching Hips

Leslie Vale • May 13, 2015
Tight hips can leave you feeling trapped! Lower spine health and hamstring mobility can be limited substantially from restricted range of motion through the pelvic joints. Open your hips, and find freedom through the spine and hamstrings!Jivamukti Hips & Arms Yoga by Salema "V" Veliu
1. Hip Yoga
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This is a sequence to open your hips. It is very beneficial for dancers and athletes. These poses are good for back health and to release stored emotions.
2. Jivamukti Hips & Arms Yoga
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Join yoga expert Salema "V" in this Grokker Premium video as takes you through this engaging and thoughtful 75 minute Jivamukti sequence. Open up your hips and liven your arms as you channel your spirit and relax your mind.
3. Hip & Hammies Stretch at a Wall
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If you have a park bench or wall to stretch at, use it! If not, you can do similar standing stretches for hips and hamstrings without even taking your sneakers off.
4. 5 Poses to Relieve Tight Hips
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Tara Stiles takes you through five perfect poses to help release tension in tight hips.
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