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10 Interval Training/HIIT Workout Videos for Construction Workers

Edward Massey • March 17, 2015
Get ready to add some Tabata in your workouts, burn calories and lose unwanted fat!HIIT #5 - Performance by Sarah Kusch
1. HIIT #5 - Performance
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Get ready to do some really dynamic moves - over 16 different movements. Put everything you've learned in Sarah's other workouts into action. Grab your hand weights - if you have them, for a greater challenge - and have some fun. This workout offers a ton of variety with no repeating the same move twice.
2. HIIT #1 - Strength & Balance
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In this 30-minute high intensity interval training workout, the focus is on strength and balance. Sarah will teach you the fundamentals of form, then pick up the intensity of the workout to get you the results you want. Enjoy this full-body, fat blasting workout!
3. Denise Austin: Strength Boot Camp Workout
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Cardio Boot Camp Workout is a high-energy, metabolism-boosting strength workout that combines cardio interval exercises with kickboxing and total-body toning strength training exercises.
4. Cardio/Strength Workout - Beach Bod
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Hey guys, we know you want to wear your bathing suit with pride. This workout will be worth the pain when you're on the beach. Here it is: burpees, medicine ball slams, one-arm rows, supermans and crunches. Each exercise is done for 30 seconds, then the entire set is repeated 3 times.
5. Aerobic Stacking Workout for Strength & Flexibility
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You can't handle the stack! Building up off of basic core exercises, this stacking workout is designed to go where no ordinary exercise can. In this Bootcamp workout James will coach you through challenging exercises that expand off each other to help increase strength and define muscle tone. A more complex approach to achieving total body fitness, this workout take a little technique and a lot of commitment. Try this workout once a week for 3 months to see change both on the inside and out.
6. Cardio & Strength Training for Chest, Back, Legs, & Core
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Kick it with James! This full body and full throttle workout is focused on strengthening your back, chest, legs and core. Your heart will be challenged as you pick up the pace. For best results grab a pair of dumbbells to increase your calorie burn. Do this workout on a weekly basis and you will lose weight as you kick you cardio up a notch. This is a high intensity workout, but James demonstrates modifications to each exercise so this workout can be done no matter what your fitness level.
7. Full-Body Workout for Chest, Triceps, Biceps & Back
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Some like it hot! Sweat off the pounds in this heated workout with James. This is one full body bootcamp challenge that you won't forget. Strengthen your chest, triceps, biceps and back muscles to increase definition and tone. Make this routine as well as the rest of James's Grokker Premium Bootcamp series, part of your weekly regimen.
8. 15 Minute High Intensity Interval Training Workout
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Hit me with your best shot! Kelly's unique Interval Training program will have you sweating right from the start. Grab a kettlebell or other weight and give it your all. Designed to increase strength and build fitness while burning a ton of calories, this short Grokker Premium workout is the place to start on your path to total fitness.
9. Cardio Fusion Workout
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Your butt, hamstrings and core will feel the work as you complete fourteen different exercises in seven rounds, each consisting of a combination of 2 exercises performed back to back in timed intervals. Kathryn will keep you smiling and sweating throughout this Grokker Premium workout that will burn fat calories and sculpt your body into shape with high knees, swings, high jumps, lateral lunges and more!
10. High Intensity Interval Training Kettlebell Workout
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Challenging high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. HIIT is an enhanced form of interval training marked by periods of intense exercise followed by a shorter period of rest. This video will get your heart rate up and is a great mix of cardio and strength training. The workout consists of six different exercises that can be performed with a kettlebell or dumbbell, or no weights at all if you are a beginner. If you are more advanced, challenge yourself with a heavier weight or more repetitions in the active portion of the HIIT round. Kathryn's high-energy Grokker Premium workout offers a fun and challenging range of exercises, including Kettlebell Squat Presses, Burpee Deadlifts, Kettlebell Planks and more. This is a workout you will want to keep coming back to as your fitness level increases and you want to continue to challenge yourself. Enjoy!
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