Reverse Fly

4 Interval Training/HIIT Workout Videos with Reverse Fly Exercises

Edward Massey • May 13, 2015
Get ready to add some Tabata in your workouts, burn calories and lose unwanted fat!x5 Resistance Intensity - Week 3 by Pace and Go
1. x5 Resistance Intensity - Week 3
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Welcome to x5 Intensity, your 5 week, full body transformation workout series. In this the third week of Resistance Intensity, you're going to grab your dumbbells, hit the mat, and get a sweat on as Pace and Go take you through their unique workout program designed to work your upper body, lower body, cardio, and core, in just 30 short minutes. So join Grokker experts, Jenny Pacey and Wayne Gordon, and transform your body with their unique workout series, x5 Intensity.
2. 35-Minute HIIT Workout #3
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Looking for an intense interval challenge? This video is for you! Give this workout a try along with the other workouts in Sarah's 4-week slim down series to burn a ton of calories, increase muscle definition and get toned and tight. In this 37-minute workout Sarah takes you through 20 different dynamic movements, each performed for one minute. Most of the movements use a hand weight, which is optional, to take the intensity up a level. This workout will work the entire body from lunges that hit the lower body, planks for the core and presses that target the arms and shoulders. Grab your weights, towel and water and get after it!
3. 45 Minute Upper Body Circuit Workout
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This high-intensity workout will sculpt your upper body and give you that lean and strong look. The structure of the workout is to perform three ten minute circuits where you will do as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) of 10 reps of 3-4 exercises in those ten minutes. A fourth circuit at the end is a "countdown circuit" that will test your endurance when you are tired. This format combining resistance training with dumbbells and bands while moving constantly provides a metabolic challenge and leads to fast results. This Grokker Premium workout video is designed for everyone from beginners to fitness pros, as Shab demonstrates the exercises for beginners, intermediates and advanced. Get your sweat on and get ripped and toned!
4. 40-Minute HIIT Workout #4
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If you want to burn nearly 500 calories and get a full body toning and cardio workout, you've come to the right place. Sarah Kusch will take you through 20 dynamic movements including lunges, planks, and presses. If you like this video, be sure to check out Sarah Kusch's Get Tight in 28, a workout program designed to help you lose weight and build total body strength.
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