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Workouts with Mountain Climber Exercises and Push-Up

Edward Massey • April 12, 2017
HIIT Resistance Strength by Sarah Kusch
1. HIIT Resistance Strength
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Build strength and boost your metabolism with this fun HIIT workout. Sarah designed this workout with optimized interval blocks to enable your body to burn calories post-workout by entering into a state of EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption). Be sure to drink plenty of water during and post-workout.
2. Train and Transform: Core Workout 2
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Join Jenny and Wayne for the second core workout challenge comprised of 15 exercises to train the upper and lower abs plus obliques. Complete this session to develop deep core strength that will aid and assist your overall fitness performance.
3. Train and Transform: Cardio Workout 1
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This cardio workout will quickly get your metabolism fired up and burning some serious calories. Working all muscle groups, this session will test your endurance, speed and strength. Be sure to complete the warm up and cool down to avoid injury.
4. Bodyweight Lower Body #2
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Lower Body #2 will help you build strength in your lower body, from the core down. With bursts of cardio throughout the workout, you'll also get calorie busting cardiovascular benefits in just 20 minutes, using only your body weight.
5. Bodyweight Lower Body #1
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Lower Body #1 will primarily focus on building strength in the lower half of your body with moves like reverse lunges with a thrust. But don't be deceived, you're still going to work every inch of your body in just 20 minutes using just your body weight.
6. Metabolic Conditioning
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Sculpt that body! Interval training at high intensity is the ticket to a sculpted torso. Shab Islam Smart Way to Fitness series delivers the results you've been looking for by using Metabolic Conditioing. Look for more of Shab's Grokker Premium video workouts on her Expert page. If you don't get through this exacting workout the first time, don't give up, just come back and try again tomorrow. You can do it!
7. Impossible Full-Body Cardio and Bodyweight HIIT Exercise
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If you are looking for a super challenging cardio workout - this one is for you! The combo of cardio kickboxing instructor LeJon Guillory's high energy encouragement and coaching along with the DJ beats will help you keep going. The workout starts with five minutes of jump roping to get your entire body warmed up. If you don't have a jump rope, don't let that stop you, just use your imaginary jump rope to hop along. Then the fun really begins with round one of six body weight exercises where you will do as many reps as possible of each in 40 seconds, then rest for 20 seconds before starting in on the next exercise. If you complete this whole workout, there are six rounds, but don't worry if the first time you complete two or three or even four rounds, just shoot to complete more the next time you put on this awesome Grokker Premium cardio fitness video.
8. Cardio & Strength Training for Chest, Back, Legs, & Core
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Kick it with James! This full body and full throttle workout is focused on strengthening your back, chest, legs and core. Your heart will be challenged as you pick up the pace. For best results grab a pair of dumbbells to increase your calorie burn. Do this workout on a weekly basis and you will lose weight as you kick you cardio up a notch. This is a high intensity workout, but James demonstrates modifications to each exercise so this workout can be done no matter what your fitness level.
9. Tabata HIIT Exercise Challenge
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Tabata is a form of high intensity interval training (HIIT). The workouts involve 20 seconds of high intensity followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated eight times. Studies show that Tabata training provides superior aerobic and anaerobic training effects compared to moderate intensity training. That means you can get better results – stronger and leaner - in less time! Join fitness Expert Kelly Lee in this Grokker Premium video that will challenge even well conditioned athletes, but is also a great workout for beginners using the modifications Kelly demonstrates. Try this workout twice a week for a month and you will begin to see amazing changes to your physique.
10. Plyometric Bodyweight Challenge
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Looking for an intense workout? This is the video for you! Try this high intensity full-body cardio plyometric workout that will be a challenge even for fitness enthusiasts who are already in great shape. There are over twenty different exercises in this video performed for 30 seconds each with a 15 second rest in between. While this is definitely a high intensity workout, it's also great for those pushing to get in better shape by doing more reps each time they do the workout. Join Sarah in this Grokker Premium video for a great plyometric workout that will leave you sweating and smiling. Enjoy!
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