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Workouts with Tuck Jump Exercises and Burpee

Edward Massey • October 24, 2016
HIIT Bodyweight Strength by Sarah Kusch
1. HIIT Bodyweight Strength
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Fire up that metabolism and burn loads of calories with this intense bodyweight-only HIIT workout. Sarah designed this workout with optimized interval blocks to enable your body to burn calories post-workout by entering into a state of EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption). Be sure to drink plenty of water during and post-workout.
2. 36 Min. Cardio Kickboxing for Six-Pack Abs Workout | Kick HIIT Day 03
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Kick HIIT Day 3 is all about building strong and sleek abs. We're going to spend half of this workout doing HIIT Kickboxing moves that focus on our abs and the other half on our mats to get the most out of this six-pack building workout. Ready to work on those abs? Let's get started!!! [Est. Calories Burned: 239-429]
3. 45 Min. Cardio Kickboxing HIIT Workout | Kick HIIT 45 Day 01
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Kick HIIT 45 is a complete 6 day total body kickboxing workout plan. We're going to be throwing tons of kicks, punches, knees, elbows and everything else. Each day we're going to push ourselves to the limit and learn how to protect those bodies that we're working so hard to get fit. So get ready to burn lots of calories, see great results, and have lots of fun. Now let's kick some butt. [Est. Calories Burned: 265-643]
4. 35 Min. Full-Body Max Cardio Kickboxing Workout | Kick HIIT Day 05
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MAX Cardio Kickboxing is all about cardio endurance and strength. Prepare to soar through this explosive and challenging cardio HIIT workout session that features plenty of fun kickboxing exercises. You're definitely going to sweat this time around! [Est. Calories Burned: 239-429]
5. 1000 Calorie Kickboxing Workout - 90 Min Extreme HIIT Workout
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I hope you're ready to kick lots of butt because this INSANE 1,000 calorie kickboxing HIIT workout is designed to kick your butt right into shape. We're going to be throwing hundreds of kicks, punches, knees, and even elbows. Put up your "dukes", never let your guard, and get ready to give this workout everything you've got. [Est. Calories Burned: 472-1219]
6. 1000 Calorie HIIT Workout
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Alright...Start your engines!! To complete this workout do Part 1 (20 min), followed by part 2 (20 min) and then repeat part 1 ( 20 min). **I am using the gymboss interval timer AP for Iphone. It's free. Part 1: 40 seconds work, 20 seconds high knees (Repeat twice) 1) Burpees 2) Dumbell swings (or more burpees if you don't have weights) 3) Heel clicks 4) Reptile pushups 5) Squat Jumps 6) Mountain climbers 7) 1 regular pushup, 1 pike pushup 8) Switch lunges 9) 1 box jump, 1 tuck jump 10) Plank hops (R&L elbow) Part 2: 50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest (repeat twice) 1) Sumo squats 2) Commando plank 3) Hip raises (right leg) 4) Curtsy lunge (right leg) 5) Hip raises (left leg) 6) Curtsy lunge (left leg) 7) Oblique glut raise (right leg) 8) Alternating back lunge - weight optional 9) Oblique glut raise (left leg) 10) Toe touch abs
7. Stamina Weeks 5-6 - Ultimate Mud Runner
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To become the Ultimate Mud Runner you must have the endurance to run long distances through difficult and muddy terrain. Jon's specially formulated stamina series is designed to push your cardiovascular endurance to its limit, so that come race day you can last the course, and the obstacles will be the only thing standing in your way. You have now achieved Elite status in the Ultimate Mud Runner series, and should use this video in week 5 and week 6 of your training. You are almost ready to hit the mud and compete, so push yourself in this final stretch of your training. Join Jon Stratford in this Grokker Premium Video as he build your stamina and endurance so that you can become The Ultimate Mud Runner!
8. x5 Resistance Intensity - Week 4
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Welcome to x5 Intensity, your 5 week, full body transformation workout series. In this the fourth week of Resistance Intensity, you're going to grab your dumbbells, hit the mat, and get a sweat on as Pace and Go take you through their unique workout program designed to work your upper body, lower body, cardio, and core, in just 30 short minutes. So join Grokker experts, Jenny Pacey and Wayne Gordon, and transform your body with their unique workout series, x5 Intensity.
9. Weekly HIIT Class - Cardio Kick Fitness
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Welcome to the ultimate kickboxing workout program, Christian Thomson’s five-week Cardio Kick Fitness series. In the Cardio Kick Fitness HIIT video you will burn calories, improve your fitness, and increase your strength in just 30 minutes. Make sure to you record the number of sets you complete during the workout every time you complete the video to see how much your fitness has improved. This video should be completed on the third day of each week of the series.
10. x5 Fitness Test
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Welcome to x5 Intensity, your 5 week, full body transformation workout series. In x5's unique Test Intensity, you will complete a series of 10 exercises for 60 seconds. This video should be repeated in the first and the last week of the series, so that you can see just how far you have come! So join Grokker experts, Jenny Pacey and Wayne Gordon, and transform your body with their unique workout series, x5 Intensity.
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