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3 Warriors Yoga Videos to learn how to do Warrior I Pose

Leslie Vale • May 13, 2015
Discover your inner warrior! The warrior postures are foundational. They strengthen the feet, legs, and glutes. Increasing strength and stability within foundational postures is vital for a steady progression into stronger and more advanced asanas.Warrior One Yoga Pose - Yoga With Adriene
1. Warrior One Yoga Pose - Yoga With Adriene
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Learn Warrior I Yoga pose (Virabhadrasana I) with Adriene!This is part of our Foundations of Yoga series suitable for beginners and great for anyone attempting to get back to a practice or deepen a current practice. Warrior I builds strength, lengthens and shapes the legs. It opens the shoulders and the chest and strengthens the muscles of the back. It has a lot therapeutic benefits when practiced regularly and is a common asana in public class. More about Warrior 1 alignment as well as Adriene's chatter on being a "Spiritual Warrior" (Whaaa?)
2. Warrior II Tutorial
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This is how to do the Warrior II Pose. It is a good exercise to strengthen the legs and the upper body.
3. Warrior I Pose Tutorial
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Perfect your form in Warrior I with this 360-degree video demonstration.
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