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7 Newcomer Women's Health Yoga Videos

Leslie Vale • April 15, 2015
Specifically for women, these yoga sequences will aid in the relief of cramps, pre-menstrual hormone imbalances, mental/emotional stressors, and ease symptoms associated with menopause. Find the support you need with our Women's Health specialists.Don't be intimidated by the idea of taking up yoga. Yoga for beginners classes are designed specifically to ease you in gradually into a practice. Yoga poses in beginners classes are easy enough not to put off first timers but just hard enough to stretch your muscles and give you a real workout. What's more there is such a range and variety of yoga styles and instructors for beginners to try that you will certainly find the right yoga practice for you. Yoga for Cancer: Pain by Sierra Campbell
1. Yoga to Manage Physical Pain During Cancer Treatment
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In this Grokker Premium video we practice meditation and pranayama as a way to listen to the body and manage physical pain pre and post surgeries. Often when we suffer from severe physical pain it's easy to shut down to healing. Instead, when we turn our attention to really listen to the body and feel our pain, we can learn to intuitively how to give our body what it needs. Open the hips to relieve the legs and lower back and use the weight of the body to deeply rest into your increased flexibility. When you’re ready, you will need a couch and a wall space.
2. Yoga to Manage Emotions After a Cancer Diagnosis
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In this video, explore softening the inner resistance that arises as fear and anxiety in diagnosis. Through guided breathing exercises to enrich the respiratory system, deeply restorative postures to enhance the circulatory system, and twists to wring out the lymphatic system. This combination of therapeutic body work will down regulate the nervous system and deeply calm both mind and body. End with a profoundly restful meditation in this Grokker Premium video. You will need big pillows, a journal, maybe a chair, and a quiet space.
3. Abdominal Release for Menstruation
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These moves will help you release back tension that you may be experiencing while your on your period. Esther will instruct you on how to breath and she uses a towel or blanket for a sitting posture. It will also be wise to have a belt or strap for an upper back stretch.
4. Women's Health: Yoga for Breast Cancer
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Created for women who have a family history of breast cancer, this Grokker Premium video is beneficial for those in remission from treatment, or in need of flushing the nodular, fibrocystic, or stromal tissues of the breast. Join Grokker Yoga Expert, Sierra Campbell, as she guides you through rehabilitative postures sequenced to support breast health, awareness, and resolution of heart. All Levels.
5. Yoga Poses & Meditation for Cancer-Related Depression
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With an undercurrent of deep sadness during cancer care, it can be easy to let this emotion loom over you. Discover radical self acceptance with postures sequenced for deep relaxation, hip opening, and lengthening for the lower spine. This class is meant to empower you while releasing emotional pain and depression. The practice of meditation, deep breathing, and mindful attention in this video will allow you to let go of the negative thoughts that cause grief in this Grokker Premium video. Grab your journal, big pillows, a glass of water, and let’s begin.
6. Returning to Yoga Asanas During Cancer Treatment
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In this final video of the series, join Grokker Yoga Expert Sierra Campbell to explore ways of strengthening and expanding range of motion while nurturing your lymphatic system. You will need your yoga mat, a chair, and a meditation pillow. We will explore foundational postures for you to practice daily at your own pace, using modifications that are safe and effective. Discover all the Yoga for Cancer Care classes in this Grokker Premium series.
7. Yoga for Cancer Care: Sleep Better & Reduce Stress
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The second video of the Yoga & Cancer Care series are designed to help you restore sleep patterns and deepen your connection with your inner wisdom. With the aid of supported inversions to increase circulation and hip opening postures you will release you into a state of open, peaceful surrender. Through mindful relaxation and simple observation of your battle with cancer you will re-pattern your stress cycles for deep relaxation in this Grokker Premium video.
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