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How to Brunoise Peppers

This video shows you how to Brunoise some peppers. Now a Brunoise cut is a very very very fine dice and you usually use this if you want to add some of the peppery flavor to a sauce, maybe a nice garnish in your salad. If you do it with different kinds of colored peppers, you have got the yellow, you have got the green, you have got the red, you mix them up all together and just put it on top of like a roasted chicken. It makes a very nice garnish and it also tastes great.

Cooking Recipe

Now to get a very very thin dice out of the pepper, you first have to kind of flatten it out, so we are going to take the bottom part off, and we are going to open it up. And we do not want to use all these parts. They are not crispy, they are kind of chewy, and they do not have a lot of flavor in them. So what you are going to do is take your knife, and it just goes like filleting a fish, kind of run it very close to the skin. And what you are left with is actually just the crunchy part of the pepper.

Now just like doing a julienne, you are going to take your knife, and make little thin strips. And what a brunoise basically is, is a diced julienne, so after we julienne the pepper, we are going to take all of these nice little juliennes, we are going to stack them up together, you are going to take your knife and you are going to run it through it again. Then there you have it, brunoise peppers.

How to Brunoise Peppers
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