April 18

I got a cardio step for doing step aerobics at home. However I'm having trouble finding good videos for at home step aerobics, or even just the high bpm music. Any suggestions?

Laura Flynn, Level 11
Laura Flynn
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tlc tlc, Level 29
tlc tlc17 points
April 18

Congratulations! Above are the only three workouts on Grokker that use a step bench. On youtube.com, try entering into the search bar: "step aerobics video", "Reebok Power Step Workout" or "Kathy Smith step aerobics". Good luck!

Thumbnail image for Step Workout
Step Workout
144 I Did This
Thumbnail image for Six Week Boot Camp Workout. Week 5 Workout with Justine
Thumbnail image for Fat Burning Cardio Step
Fat Burning Cardio Step
162 I Did This
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tlc tlc, Level 29
tlc tlc17 points
April 24

Here's another one that uses a step bench!

Thumbnail image for Cardio + Sculpt + Stretch - Mila Kunis Workout

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